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Preventative Care:

From puppies and kittens to geriatric patients, preventive care is the best way to ensure a healthy, happy pet!


A thorough physical exam by an experienced and caring veterinarian is the basis for good health and a long happy life for your pet. These are recommended annually for adult pets, semiannually for older pets and monthly for puppies and kittens.


Keeping your pet healthy means keeping their vaccinations up to date. By 6-8 weeks, puppies & kittens should visit us for their first appointments and recieve their first round of vaccinations. Normal vaccinations include canine and feline distemper vaccinations, the canine bordetella vaccine (kennel cough) and the rabies vaccine. For outdoor cats, we have a different feline distemper vaccine that includes a component to help protect against upper respiratory infections as well as a FeLV (Feline Leukemia) vaccine. We also recommend the lyme vaccination, especially if your canine companion is out and about. This is especially important for outdoor and hunting dogs as they are more likely to come in contact with ticks.


Some medications are needed on a monthly basis to prevent your pet from becoming sick. Cats and dogs need good monthly flea and tick control to prevent infestation. Dogs are exposed to mosquitos that carry heartworms everyday on the Eastern Shore. Monthly heartworm preventatives are needed all year long in this area to prevent infection.

Spay & Neuter:

As a part of preventive health care, we strongly recommend spaying and neutering for any animals not being used for breeding. Early spaying and neutering will significantly reduce the chances your pet has of developing mammary tumors, uterine infections, prostate disease, or testicular cancer. Additionally, preventive health care could help keep otherwise minor problems from becoming dangerous to your pet and costly to you. If you do plan on breeding, let us know and our doctors will be glad to discuss how to keep your pets safety in mind.

Dental Care:

Dogs and cats require dental examinations and teeth cleaning just as we do. Our preventive dental services include cleaning, polishing, tooth extraction, and oral surgery. During the month of February, we offer 10% off discounts on dental cleanings for National Pet Dental Month.